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  2. Repair Information
  3. Product Support
  4. After-Sales Service
  5. Learning
  1. Warranty

    Lonshine provides comprehensive service solutions to our customers timely and efficiently. We are ensuring that you obtain the best not only from our products but also from our service. Wherever and whatever you are, you can rely on receiving the best customer service from us.

    • The warranty covers defects during the manufacture of the products.

    • The warranty does not cover the malfunction or damage caused by improper use or man-made failure.

    • The warranty does not cover the malfunction or damage repair by unqualified or unauthorized service people and parts or accessories not approved by Lonshine.

    • All Lonshine ultrasound scanners and accessories are delivered, serviced and maintained by our authorized service center or head office.

  2. Repair Information

    How to send in

    Step One: Contact us

    Step Two: Fill in below and send to us


    Product Serial Number:

    Trouble Description:

    Suggestion (Please describe what you are   experiencing):

    Step Three: Pack and shipped it

    Step Four: Repair returned

  3. Product Support

    Technical Support

    Longshine provides technical support to customers and distributors via phone, mail, or by any means during the entire life cycle of instruments sold by Longshine.


    Longshine provides the training for customers and distributors including operation, application and troubleshooting by mail or on-site etc.


    Longshine provides the solutions as an added-value service to meet customer’s requirements for function, application or performance.

    *Upgrade may not be applicable for some models.

  4. After-Sales Service

    Lonshine’s products are regularly recognized for their durability and reliability. If your ultrasound system or transducer requires repair in the unlikely event, Lonshine offers an overnight service program to minimize your downtime.

  5. Learning

    Clinical Application of Ultrasound in PICC Catheterization

    Clinical Application of Ultrasound in Thyroid

    Clinical Application of Ultrasound in Emergency Care

    Clinical Application of Ultrasound in Rehabilitation

    Clinical Application of Ultrasound inObstetrics & Gynecology

    Clinical Application of Ultrasound inCarotid

    Clinical Application of Ultrasound in Thyroid& Breast

    *Please contact us for the original documents